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            To anybody and everyone who is willing to listen to me, I want to make a statement. Of course, since this is in writing, I can’t command you to read it, but I wish you would.

            I’ve had it. I want no more visions, no more investigating to find out what those visions are about and why I had them. Nor do I want to find myself in a dangerous situation. Last August, a “dead artist” followed me around and, aided by his mother, planned on sending me to an early grave. I outsmarted them. Then, because I wanted to save an abducted woman, I ended up having to elude a serial killer. And just recently, a vision of a comic strip sent me into the world of spies. I escaped death that time by a hair’s breath. This is getting old.

            So, I’ve decided to take a vacation, get away from it all and simply enjoy myself. Don’t call me if you want me to “look into” anything, or want advice about the psychic world. I’m going to be incommunicado. See you later.

Mollie Fenwick

            The above letter explains why Mollie is now in Charleston, South Carolina, supposedly enjoying herself and free from worries, danger and the like. She’s alone, except of course for other tourists, and doesn’t have to listen to Bartholomew, Wolf or even Jackson. Bartholomew and Jackson are detectives in Hamlet, her home town, and while Wolf is not a cop, he sure acts like one, or, at least that is what she says.

            The reason for her displeasure is because the investigation in Murder by Spook, which is about spies, not ghosts, put her in mortal peril. Since she has long wanted to visit Charleston, South Carolina, the novella, Murder on Vacation, has her romping in that glorious city.

            But not so fast. She might think she’s getting away from danger, but when she signs up for a ghost tour, she discovers a very real murder and an equally real murderer who, of course, is now after her.

            Watch for Murder by Spook and, once that’s out, watch for Murder on Vacation and you can decide if Mollie’s improved her situation or not.

            One more thing. Murder on Vacation does have at least one ghost. I didn’t have one in Murder by Spook, and he was crying for exposure.

Joan K. Maze

Writing as J. K. Maze




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