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            Following Book 1, Murder By Mistake, I was searching for the next focus for Mollie. I decided upon a series of kidnappings leading to murder. The grab site – in front of a martial arts studio. To allow Mollie access for snooping purposes, I had her and a friend sign up for a kickboxing class.

            Here’s an excerpt from Murder For Kicks.

            Henrietta and I sat at her kitchen table at one-thirty, enjoying a lasagna she’d made the night before. Along with a salad I promised myself I’d get the recipe for, I was sure I’d be set for the day. Maybe soup at night, if anything.

            Who am I kidding? Unless I was bound and gagged, I’d never miss a meal.

            “You’re a day late with what you were going to talk to me about, Mollie.” She frowned, but the sparkle in her eyes gave her away.

            “Yeah, I got stuck at Bartholomew’s when I got home.”

            “Too bad,” she said, with a mischievous grin on her face, accompanied by a wink. “You ready to enlighten me?”

            “I sure am, but let’s get these dishes in the dishwasher first.”

            Not to be deterred, she refilled our coffee cups and sat down, so I told her about the clairvoyant episode I’d had the day before yesterday.”

            “I thought Bartholomew told you to inform him immediately if that happened again.”

            “I did, but there’s nothing to go on. There hasn’t been a crime committed that we actually know of, nor do we know the name of the victim, or if it even happened yet. It was different last time when I came home to a body.” Shivers danced down my spine at the memory. “The only thing I do know for sure is it happened, or will happen, outside a strip mall.” I sat forward, my hands gripping the edge of her table. “Henrietta, I found the mall. It’s the one we were at yesterday.”

            “You’re kidding, and how do you know it’s the right one?”

            There wasn’t anything unusual about her question, but the way she asked was right up there with major excitement. Her eyes were shining, her words almost running together, she spoke so rapidly.

            “I saw the house across the street in the vision, and the mailboxes right in front of the place. Henrietta, this is going to sound insane, but I’m thinking of taking a class in kickboxing so I can spend some time at that mall, maybe find out about that woman. What could it hurt? Self-defense is a necessity these days anyway.”

            “How much does it cost?

            For answer, I took the brochure from The Eastern Way out of my purse and handed it to her.

            “That’s not bad. We could take the beginner’s class at the special rate they’re offering. If we decide by the end of the first week it’s not for us, we don’t need to pay a cent.”


            “You don’t think I’m going to let you do it alone, do you?”

            I grinned at her and we did the high five.

To learn more about Mollie, read Murder By Mistake, book 1, and Murder For Kicks, book 2

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Writing as J. K. Maze


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